Strength Training for Athletes
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Strength Training for Football

Strength Training for Athletes

MMA, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling, Boxing and Other Full Contact Sports

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Osteoarthritis and Athletes
Foods and Supplements to Help Prevent Injuries from Turning into Osteoarthritis Later in Life. Full Article

Proven Weight Loss? Yes! Short, Explosive Exercise Drops Pounds Fast ... and Keeps Them Off
Weight Loss for athletes and even couch potatoes ... Short, explosive exercise drops pounds fast! So get off the couch. Here are several ways to lose weight and keep it off. Safe, natural, longterm weight loss! Full Article

Considering Himalayan Pink Salt? Be Careful! It's Not What It's Hyped Up to Be
Salt: How It Effects Athletes and Everyone Else. All those trace minerals you're hoping to get in Himalayan Pink Salt? You're also going to get sodium and in potentially dangerous amounts. Full Article

10 Ways to Build Explosive Power
Just how do top athletes get to the top? By adding intense exercises, which are little-known techniques for a fast increase in both speed and power. Full Article

Want the Endurance of a Professional MMA Athlete?
If you want to have the endurance of a professional MMA athlete, here are some guidelines for non-fighters to consider. Full Article
How to Run Faster
Training techniques for adding speed and distance to your sprint. Full Article
How to Train to Failure
Increase the intensity of your workouts for fast muscle gains. Full Article
The Top 10 Nutritional Supplements for Athletes
Trying to find the top 10 supplements for athletes isn't exactly easy. But after all the research is in, the following are our top 10 picks. Full Article
How Anaerobic Exercise Works
Understanding how your body develops strength will help you attain it. Full Article
How Aerobic Exercise Works
Understanding how aerobic exercise works on your heart, is important to achieving peack performance. Full Article
Aerobic Exercise for High Impact Sports
Whether it's professional football, mixed martial arts, or boxing, you need good aerobic conditioning to perform at your best when those explosive bursts of energy are needed. Full Article
How to Improve Hand Eye Coordination
Learn key exercises for developing hand eye coordination and improve your athletic performance. Full Article
Juice Fasting: Does this Controversial Detox Method Really Work?
Juice fasting is a kind of detoxification diet that is gaining momentum around the country. The basics of how to do the diet are simple, even if actually following through may not be. Full Article
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